Using the skies to fuel the garden and save you money

With the environment and how to preserve it being the defining challenge of the 21st century, gardeners can help play a key role in looking after their own little eco-system.

Despite traditional views that wildlife is restricted to the countryside, city gardens can also help encourage animals to flourish in the area.

Little changes to the garden can go a long way to making the environment a more pleasant and safe place for animals and humans alike.

The simple changes can start with what feeds all life. Water from the tap has been expensively cleaned to make it safe for drinking and cooking, but rainwater is ideal for feeding the garden.

Collecting rainwater to use in the garden will not only save money, but save the environment.

"How and when you water is important," says gardening expert Trish Gibson.

"A good soak once every few days is much more beneficial than frequent sprinklings.

"Water in the cool of the morning or evening and make sure it gets to the plants roots (plant in a slight dip or sink an empty pot in the ground beside the plant and water into this)."

A rainwater pond can also help attract birds, frogs and other forms of good wildlife that will get rid of pesky snails and slugs for you.