Use the greenhouse for more needy plants

Although some wish to fill their gardens with plants from warmer climes, it is often best to have a greenhouse to grow and protect them in, only transplanting them when the time is right.

Prairie plants are a prime example of how some species require extra special attention.

Prairie grasses rarely take in the UK due to climatic differences, but the Telegraph has advised gardeners that it is possible to grow prairie perennials such as prairie dropseed (Sporobulus heterolepis).

Full sunlight is essential for the dropseed to grow, as is a dry and stony soil with excellent drainage.

They should be grown separately, perhaps in the greenhouse, for their first year, before being placed amid taller plants to act as foliage.

The Royal Horticultural Society also recommends that wallside plants be protected as winter approaches. Packing straw or bracken around the lover stems of tender climbers can help matters.

Any potted plants that arent hardy enough for a British winter should be taken under glass.