Use glass to maximum effect in home enhancements

Whether planning to refurbish, enhance or upgrade a property, consumers should take glazing into consideration, an online resource has asserted.

News resource the Sunday Mirror suggests that people should make the very most of their surroundings and exploit natural light from the south as much as possible.

It notes that properties can benefit from both heat and light from a southerly direction by incorporating glazed elements – such as skylights – into their homes.

"This may include putting in larger windows or patio doors, replacing a wall with glazed panels or even adding a conservatory," it suggests.

Continuing, the publication notes that ill-fitting windows can be a major source of heat loss and as such it may be sensible to upgrade them and also investigate different glazing and coating options to improve efficiency.

Meanwhile, Lucy Hall, deputy editor of BBC Gardeners World Magazine, recently suggested that conservatories with "plenty of glass" in them blur the boundaries between a main living space and a garden.