Use a container garden for small areas

Garden and greenhouse fans with little space to work may benefit from growing a container garden, it has been claimed.

According to Associated Content, there are two types of containers that can be used – hanging varieties and those based on the ground.

The online resource has a number of tips for those wishing to create such an outdoor landscape and reminded growers not to forget that the actual containers can often require maintenance, depending on the materials used.

Each has its pros and cons, with terracotta prone to causing soil to dry out, plastic not good for UV light and wood susceptible to rotting.

The latter of these is a good choice for those who enjoy creating their own things as they can easily be built to suit the space available

Place the containers in an area that will receive at least five hours of direct sunlight per day for best results.

"If you know you have less than five hours of sunlight and would like to grow vegetables, I recommend growing above-ground vegetables like cabbage, lettuce and broccoli," the website suggested.

Meanwhile, the Daily Sound has revealed that Santa Barbara gardeners are being encouraged to learn more about drought-resistant plants.