US Jail Gets Inmates Gardening

A US jail in Bradford County, Pennsylvania has revealed an interesting scheme to get inmates gardening.

Under supervision from jail staff, inmates will be working a garden just outside of the jail grounds, in a bid to create produce that will eventually be consumed by the inmates themselves.

Another aim of the project will be to give the inmates some transferable skills once their sentence has expired. The hope is that the project will show them how to grow their own food, and also help reduce the burden on taxpayers in the long term. Inmates would also get credit toward the $10 per day fee they are charged for bed and board at the jail.

Jail warden Donald Stewart said:

“We spend a lot of money each year (on produce).”

Mr Stewart also hopes that in the long term, the garden can be expanded so that all of the jail’s vegetables will be produced in the garden.

Other US jails in Tioga and Columbia already have successful gardening schemes.

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