US glass testing more rigorous

A glass and steel systems supplier explains that its adoption of US-style testing methods was spurred by the fact that they are more rigorous than European processes.

Wrightstyle provides glazing units such as those used in the British Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

Panels from the company contribute towards a 280 sq m conservatory area at the embassy, which incorporates sliding doors.

Now the firm is stressing the importance of rigorous testing in order to ensure products are robust enough to withstand fire.

Wrightstyle explains that, in the UK, glass panels are typically tested to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,750 degrees F.

But the US approach is to subsequently cool the panels rapidly – simulating the effect of a fire crew tackling the blaze.

As a result, conservatories or other glass structures constructed out of such units may be expected to remain intact once the fire has been extinguished, rather than shattering due to the rapid cooling which takes place when water is directed on to the panels.