US gardeners stand tall

While most gardeners in the US will be aware of some of the benefits of getting their hands dirty in the greenhouse and yard, some may be surprised to hear that it could help boost the male sex drive.

Scientists from the University of Vienna found that the exercise involved in gardening could help men in the bedroom after studying almost 700 males aged from 45 to 60.

The study found that the 1,000 calories burned per week through gardening for 30 minutes a day could reduce the risk of impotency by around 38 per cent.

"Erectile function can be maintained even by low, regular physical activity," the researchers commented.

"Energy expenditure of as little as 1,000 kilocalories a week reduces the risk.

"Doctors should use these findings to encourage their patients to do more physical training and adopt a healthier lifestyle."

Would-be gardeners in Missouri who are looking for some inspiration may wish to pop along to the Missouri Botanical Gardens indoor "Gardening Blitz Weekend" on February 21st and 22nd 2009.