Unusual Chinese Quail Found In Gloucester Garden

A gardener has made an unusual discovery in a back garden in Gloucestershire. The bird, a tiny, brightly coloured Chinese quail was spotted in Bourbon-On-Water  by a lady wandering round her back garden.

Deducing that the bird could be a rare specimen, she contacted a nearby sanctuary, Birdland, who identified and captured the quail. It is believed the quail may have escaped from a private aviary.

Simon Blackwell from Birdland opined that the quail, or king quail as it is also known, is not the kind of bird usually found in a garden in England;

“The lady who discovered it definitely did the right thing in getting in touch with us. These quails are a little bigger than your hand, and as a ground bird a particularly vulnerable to predation from cats and foxes. We will try and trace the owner, but in the meantime he is making himself at home in one of our aviaries.”

The Chinese painted quail is a member of the pheasant family and is prized for the flavour of its meat.

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