UK to get odd-shaped fruit and veg once again

The case for growing your own food was strengthened recently when it was announced that the EU had voted in favour of the European Commissions proposals to remove marketing standards regarding the size and shape of 26 different types of fruit and veg.

While it is good news that there will be less waste and, hopefully, lower prices as a result of the decision, one of the things stopping some gardeners using their greenhouses to grow their own food has been the fact that supermarket-bought food often looks nicer, thanks mainly to marketing standards.

While the move has been backed by the National Farmers Union (NFU), it may also encourage gardeners to start making use of their greenhouses to help them save money and nourish their family.

NFU chief horticultural advisor Philip Hudson said the benefits to the nations health made the move worthwhile.

"From the consumers perspective and from [farmers] perspective, if retailers are willing to take the crops and pay for that, then this is going to be good news," he said.

"If it encourages more people to eat more fruit and vegetables, then that is also good news."

A greenhouse can be used to grow tomatoes, peppers and chillies, while an apple tree can make a great feature in the garden.