UK gardeners wasting millions

The nation may be gripped by financial turmoil with everyone worrying about money – but research has shown Brits might be wasting millions of pounds per year on shop-bought lunches.

While most people can throw together a lunch made of left-overs, gardeners have the advantage of being able to grow their own food in their greenhouse – saving even more money.

Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) research shows that UK citizens spend a whopping £5 billion every year on retail lunches.

The LFHW campaign aims to tackle the issue of food wastage by creating an awareness of the subject and this latest research certainly hits home.

It found that over 80 per cent of Brits have a microwave provided at work, while 86 per cent have a fridge.

Sadly, only one in five use left-overs for lunch and LFHWs Julia Falcon said that the cost stacks up.

"Even though the individual cost of lunch isnt that much, if you add it up over a month it amounts to an awful lot of money that we are spending," she said.

"When we are all trying to save it could become more important and when you match that against the food weve already got in the house, it doesnt make sense."