Turf growth affected by temperature drop

Turf growth has been affected by the recent drop in temperatures, putting plants at further risk of disease. The mild weather had kept turf growing for longer than normal, but there is now a greater chance of disease developing due to the colder temperatures, which could result in surfaces losing their smoothness.

Dr Simon Watson, technical manager for agricultural company Syngenta, advised gardeners to use Medallion TL, a fungicide that helps reduce the risk of diseases and protects plants in slow growing conditions.

Dr Watson said that now was the most important time to protect turf quality.

“It’s especially important to protect turf quality now, with little chance of recovery from damage until growth picks up later in the spring,” he said.
“Getting a higher proportion of spray down to the base of the plant will further help to target disease pathogen in the thatch and fully utilise the activity of Medallion TL.”
He added: “Applying the right product, at the right time and in the right place, is the key to getting the longest lasting results and maintaining the best possible turf quality.”