Tower Forest

Constructed of two towers, one 80m high, the other 112m, Bosco Verticale is being hailed as the future of “biological architecture”. The innovative design will house 730 specially cultivated trees, 11,000 groundcover plants and 5000 shrubs, the Bosco Verticale  is one of the world first “living buildings”.

Experts have described the building as a reaction to the current trend of building skyscrapers with glass and steel, such as The Shard in London, and it could usher in a new age of green design.   

Jill Fehrenbacher, editor of Inhabitat, and an architectural expert, is very excited by the innovative design;

“I have yet to see many of these “living building” designs become reality, which is why the Bosco Verticale is sich a big deal.”

The team tasked with bringing the Bosco Verticale to life, is a combination of engineers and botanists. They have researched the wind resistance of various types of trees in wind tunnels to find the ideal combination for the building, and have conducted studies into lightweight substrates, in order to provide the forest with nutrition.

The resident’s needs won’t be forgotten either, with the forest being regularly maintained and trimmed to prevent views being obscured.

One of the principal architects Stefano Boeri said the building will;

“…hand over to vegetation itself the task of absorbing the dust in the air and of creating an adequate micro-climate, in order to filter our sunlight. This is a kind of biological architecture, which refuses to adopt a strictly technological and mechanical approach to environmental sustainability.”

Robin Parker, of Gabriel Ash, sees this type of architecture as the future of the city;

“One of the major flaws of living in the modern city is the lack of green space. The Bosco Verticale combines sustainable living with a living ecosystem. This approach should be adopted the world over.”

The Bosco Verticale provides a glimpse at the future of cities and sustainable living. We at Gabriel Ash cannot wait to see the finished product.

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