Top-end properties making a lot of money

Improving the interior of your home, such as adding a conservatory or having a kitchen extension, could improve its value – especially as it has been suggested top-end accommodation is "making a lot of money" at the moment.

Over the past three months, the prime country market has improved significantly and the sector is now racing ahead, explained director at Smiths Gore Robert Pritchard.

He noted the fact that some properties at the higher end of the ladder are selling well is "quite incredible" because the industry struggled so much last year.

To exemplify his point, Mr Pritchard pointed out how in the north Cotswolds, there are not many houses but a fair amount of buyers chasing after the same ones.

"There is a lot of competitive bidding going on," he asserted. "Particularly [for properties] above £2 million and in some cases those end values are incredibly punchy."

Adding a conservatory could be a great way to add value to a home if there is a possibility it might go on the market in the near future.