Tomatoes A Luxury Item

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A French company, Le Jardin De Rabelais, is aiming to revolutionise the way that tomatoes are consumed and marketed. The company are hoping high-end tomatoes will become a must have luxury item in years to come.

Aurelien Serrault said;

“The idea is for the consumer to buy a box of our tomatoes the same way he’d buy chocolates or flowers            . So we present our tomatoes in way where we add value.”

The firm are targeting the high end of then of the market, aiming at consumers who are product driven rather than price driven. The value of the product will be imperative to the success of the scheme, Serrault continues;

“We have a very good variety that only a few growers in Europe are able to provide. Our main focus is taste, and we think if we can maintain that good taste we’ll be able to continue to sell our tomatoes as a premium product.

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