Tomato growing tips for US gardeners

With the summer months arriving, garden and greenhouse fans have been given some useful vegetable growing tips.

According to expert grower and Hunt Country Master Gardener Association president Byron Chitwood, tomatoes are still one of the most popular foods to grow.

He told Country World that nothing tastes as good as the round, red fruits, which are also beneficial for your health.

Mr Chitwood noted that many gardeners are now growing their own food and gave a few tips for successfully cultivating tomatoes.

"The requirements to grow good tomatoes are well-drained soil, proper fertilisation, room for growth, just tender love and care, proper watering, pest control and timely harvesting," he told the online resource.

The expert advised growers to have a soil test carried out to help establish what might be missing from their earth in terms of nutrients.

Food growing in the US may have been influenced by first lady Michelle Obamas decision to establish a kitchen garden at the White House in Washington DC.