Titchmarsh The Face of Waitrose Gardening

Alan Titchmarsh has been announced as the new face of supermarket chain Waitrose’s gardening and horticulture range.

Explaining the move, Waitrose marketing director Rupert Thomas said:

“Our customers’ top two interests are good food and gardening. As one of Britain’s most loved and trusted experts, Alan will bring his skills to develop our new gardening ranges and a very special voice to our communications.”

The TV star will be appearing a series of Waitrose TV advertisements, write articles for the supermarket’s in house magazine and be a key face on their website.

Mr Titchmarsh is very excited about the Waitrose project, and wants to use it as an opportunity to boost British gardening;

“Having spent almost my entire life growing everything from fruit and vegetables to flowers and pants I am delighted to have this opportunity of working with Waitrose to help raise the profile of British agriculture and horticulture.

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