Titchmarsh: Gardening is my therapy

In an interview with the Radio Times, the former Gardeners’ World presenter admitted, however, that speaking to vegetables, bushes and flowers to make them grow does not necessarily work.

“Talking to plants doesn’t make a ha’p’orth of difference, but at least it means you’re observing them, which is the key. Gardening is therapy and hugely sensuous,” he remarked.

In a candid interview, Mr Titchmarsh balked at the suggestion gardening was like “viagra for the elderly” and bemoaned the fact that the fast pace of modern life has rendered many people incapable of allowing things to take time to develop.

He went on to suggest that instant technology has caused the loss of gardening skills across society, as most people can just press a button to get what they want.

Last year, Prince Charles took a different view on talking to plants, describing it as “absolutely crucial”