Tips to manage your greenhouse garden

Although adding a greenhouse to your garden will provide your plants with plenty of protection, there are still steps that you will need to take in order to ensure that your plants and greenhouse remain at their best. Keeping the atmosphere within your greenhouse just right will increase your chances of successfully growing a wide range of healthy plants.

To create just the right atmosphere for your plants, you will need to research their needs. Becoming familiar with the needs of the plants you are planning to grow will enable you to provide them with everything they need in order to thrive. Be sure to add extra heating and lighting if needed and always make sure that your greenhouse is well ventilated in summer, as the high humidity level may increase the risk of problems such as plant disease and mould.

It is vital that you water your greenhouse plants regularly. It is recommended that plants are watered twice a day, but this will vary depending on the type of greenhouse plant you are growing. If you are growing exotic type plants such as cacti, then these will only need to be watered in moderation. Keeping a watering can close at hand will help you to manage your greenhouse garden.

Although your greenhouse will keep your plants protected from frost and snow, there is still the risk of your plants becoming damaged by pests. Pests can easily have access to your greenhouse plants, especially during summer when you are more likely to leave the door open due to the weather being warmer. Insect repellent will help to remove pesky insects, but be sure to only use organic pest sprays, as this is less harmful to your plants.

To keep your plants and greenhouse at their best, you will need to ensure that you clean your greenhouse regularly. A small cleanout every so often will help to keep your greenhouse free of clutter, but you may wish to carry out a full annual cleanout to ensure that any old pots and empty soil bags are thrown out. You will also need to remove any dead plants or leaves. Any cracked panes or broken glass will need to be removed in order to ensure that your greenhouse remains safe and glass will need to be cleaned regularly so that your plants have proper access to sunlight.

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