Times writers one day garden makeover

The Times Rachel Johnson has written of her experience as she gave her garden a one-day 1960s makeover, without telling her husband.

Her story shows that a bit of effort in the garden or greenhouse can make all the difference to the quality of life of those in the house.

With a plethora of garden-centric neighbours, including garden designer Peter Clay and architect John Pawson, Ms Johnson felt she had to improve her garden to keep up with the proverbial Joneses.

After being quoted exorbitant amounts from garden designers, she settled on paying a gardener friend to help her re-model her garden.

It took the two, with the help of Mr Clay and his associate Kent, just a day to transform what was once an unruly mess into a beautiful 60s-style garden.

Ms Johnsons experience highlights just what can be achieved with a concentrated effort in the garden or greenhouse.

Gardeners can use a greenhouse to continue their pastime in the winter months and store exotic plants away from the cold.