Times issues lazy gardeners tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to be successful without having to put in hours of back-breaking effort may be interested in a recent article in a national newspaper.

The Times has begun offering "top tips for lazy gardeners" by suggesting that digging the soil can often be unnecessary and counterproductive.

It explained that allowing too much air in can dry out the ground, while walking on it can compact it deeper down, leading to water logging, as moisture cannot filter through.

Instead, gardeners should apply regular layers of organic mulch to encourage worms to the area.

The insects act as natures diggers, aerating the soil and leaving behind nutrients in the form of their droppings, which help to improve the quality.

It also suggested that lazy gardeners use a fork, rather than a spade to avoid cutting the worms in two.

Heavy clay soil should be dug over in the autumn, allowing the winter frosts to break up clods of earth.

Meanwhile, the Guardians gardening blog has hit back at Anne Warehams claims that all gardening should be seen as an art form and therefore open to the same criticism as would be expected with other creative disciplines.