Tidy borders in March

March provides the perfect opportunity to clear up a garden and horticulturalists are encouraged to clear away debris from their borders.

Online resource Doctor Greenfingers adds that soil in this section of the garden can also be turned at this stage of the year and compost or fertiliser should be added.

Regarding feeding, the site also recommends that roses – whether they be in greenhouses of gardens – should be sprayed and given nutrition to ensure that they get off to the best possible start and pests are prevented.

Garden nuisances such as slugs and snails are increasingly likely to rear their heads due to rising temperatures and will be attracted to new plants shoots and leaves, so as soon as the pests are spotted then a scattering of slug pellets should be applied to the area.

Meanwhile, online resource UKTV Gardens horticultural expert Sven Wombwell advises that March is an opportune time to get on top of weeding so that plants are not deprived of the nutrient they need for the upcoming months.