Three in four concerned about energy efficiency

Some 75 per cent of Britons are keen to improve their energy efficiency, research has revealed.

A study conducted by the O2 Energy Saver Fund has found that 45 per cent of consumers would consider making improvements to their home if they were affordable, reports SmartPlanet.

The analysis found that two-thirds of those surveyed are in a position to do so, living above the "green line" which determines whether an individual has the necessary funds to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Consumers looking to add a conservatory to their land might wish to take such considerations into account, in light of recent advice from Building columnist Peter Caplehorn.

He advised that improved thermal performance from modern glazing means there is "little point" in placing a radiator beneath a window.

Web-based advisory service Conservatories Online notes that, by eliminating centrally heated radiators from conservatories, consumers may avoid needing to apply for planning permission.