Things to consider when adding a conservatory

Selecting the conservatory that is right for you can be a difficult task that requires a great deal of planning – especially if you have chosen a bespoke design to complement your lifestyle and home.

Advice website published an article recently giving advice on what to think about when choosing a design.

First on its top ten list compiled from the advice of interior designers, architects and gardening experts was to think about the intended use.

"How do you envisage using your new conservatory?" it asks.

"Will be it a playroom, a dining area, an office, a second living room or an all year round, all weather extension to the garden?

"Its purpose doesnt have to fit exclusively into one of these categories, but your conservatorys ultimate day-to-day use will determine how large it needs to be as well as which style, layout and materials will work best."

This may well be the most important thing to consider when choosing a conservatory design. What it will be used for will dictate how and where it is built and should be the first thing that any prospective buyer considers.

Other pearls of wisdom offered in the article include getting detailed quotes that include a breakdown of costs as well as considering how best to position and ventilate the conservatory to achieve its best effects.