The Swedish Way

This week, celebrated Swedish garden designer Ulf Nordfjell has been discussing the challenges a Swedish gardener has to face compared to their British peers;

“Sweden doesn’t really have the same tradition as the UK in terms of its gardening. England has a richer history with many different styles, ranging from old and traditional to extremely modern.”

Nordfjell is curating this year’s Laurent-Perrier garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and is keen on introducing a bit of Swedish efficiency to the show;

“In Sweden we prefer clean, simple lines and like to create the feeling of space. Sharp lines can emphasise any structures in the garden, and are unusual as they are so rare in nature”

Although the British like to complain about the weather, Nordfjell believes we have nothing on what the Swedes have to put up with;

“Swedish gardens must be adaptable to the harsh climate … we have extreme winters and long summer days and so have to carefully select plants to cope with these conditions. In summer when it stays light, you can go out and do your gardening at 3am.”

You can see Nordfjell’s creation at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show May 21st-25th.

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