The Summer Greenhouse

As spring turns to summer and all of your hard work begins to pay off, the task of greenhouse management begins to change. In the early spring months, you laboured to keep delicate seedlings warm so that they could be at their peak when it became time to plant them in the garden. As the days get hotter, your focus changes from warmth and protection from frost to adequate watering and protection from the heat. As any greenhouse owner knows, the summer sun can make a greenhouse unbearably hot and can quickly make short work of the tender young plants that you worked so hard to nurture. As plants grow larger and the temperature increases, so does the demand for water; you must water your plants on a daily basis before they begin to wilt. Watering is only one part of the equation, however; you will also need to provide your plants with adequate ventilation and shade.


Gabriel Ash not only sells some of the finest quality handcrafted cedar greenhouses in the world, they also offer accessories to help you make the most of your gardening experience. The watering cans offered by Gabriel Ash are ideal for greenhouse watering; they are designed to combat some of the problems encountered when watering, such as reach and water flow.


If you own a Gabriel Ash greenhouse, you need not worry about ventilating your plants on hot days. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of louvered vents made from safety glass that can be added to any space in the cedar framework and opened to increase airflow in hot weather. All Gabriel Ash greenhouses are also built with their signature ridge ventilation system that can be fitted with autovents that will automatically open and close using energy from the heat of the sun to expand and contract wax inside the pistons. You can also buy autovents to fit the side vents of the greenhouse. With autovents installed, your greenhouse will automatically ventilate itself during the hottest part of the day.


Providing plants with adequate shade during summer heat will help protect them and allow them the ideal environment for maximum growth. Easily installed roller blinds from Gabriel Ash are the perfect solution. They are simple to operate and are made from a durable green synthetic material that will provide your plants with just the right amount of shade.

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