The growth of domestic food cultivation

Figures from a well-known home and garden chain show that growing fruit and vegetables in the garden and greenhouse has become more popular.

According to the Times, B&Q sales statistics revealed that 79 per cent of seed sales this year were for fruit and vegetables.

This is in comparison to a decade ago when flowers were responsible for 70 per cent of sales at the retail chain.

Times journalist Lucy Alexander recently visited the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Garden Wisley to learn why Brits are so keen to grow their own.

Fruit specialist Jim Arbury told her that the combination of health benefits and the range of choice appeals to a wide range of people.

At Garden Wisley alone there are 700 varieties of apples growing, while just a few make it into the supermarkets.

"Its also a lot fresher, and if you live in the city it keeps you in touch with the seasons," he added.

The RHS recently released a gardening application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which gives gardeners growing advice for fruit and vegetables.