The conservatory at night

Although normally considered a place to spend the daylight hours, the conservatory can be a romantic setting at night, given the correct lighting.

As a gateway to the garden and the outdoors, including the sky, a conservatory, especially one with a glazed roof, can be a romantic place to spend and evening stargazing or entertaining.

Price sharing website recommends that low level lighting will make things even more romantic at night.

"You might prefer to simply light your conservatory with the romantic glow of oil lamps," it recommends.

"This is particularly complimentary when used with a Victorian style conservatory.

"Lights are not merely a functional part of your conservatory, well designed and placed lights can have a large impact on its overall look."

Just as conservatories can come in different styles and are built to compliment the home, lighting should be chosen on its ability to compliment the conservatory.