The benefits of having a planthouse

A planthouse offers many benefits. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of planthouses to suit your needs. The many types of planthouses available enable you to select something that is not only suitable for growing a selection of plants but also a structure that compliments your garden.

A planthouse offers the following benefits:

•    Available in a number of sizes. Planthouses are larger than vinehouses and are designed to accommodate taller plants. However, there are still a number of sizes available for those looking for a structure that fits their garden. There is a smaller design available for those that have less space and a larger design for those wishing to add an impressive structure to their garden.

•    Ideal for taller gardeners. As planthouses are designed for taller plants, it means that they offer plenty of space for taller gardeners too. By adding a planthouse to your garden, you do not have to worry about not having much room to move around in the structure and you can easily care for your plants. Planthouses can be built with double doors at the side of the greenhouses, which helps to provide easier access to garden items.  

•    Provides sufficient ventilation. Planthouses are designed to provide your plants with plenty of ventilation, which is vital for hot summer days as it will help to reduce the risk of pest infestations and plant diseases.

•    Well insulated. Planthouses can be built with cedar wood and bricks, which will keep your greenhouse well heated. Cedar retains its heat, which helps to provide a much warmer planthouse than other types of designs, such as aluminium. The bricks of a planthouse will also help to trap heat, keeping the warmth in and reducing the need for extra heating. This is beneficial during the winter, when your plants will need plenty of protection from the cooler weather conditions.

•    Can be built to suit your needs. Planthouses come in a number of sizes and you can be provided with a base plan to help you create a planthouse that is suitable for you. When selecting a planthouse, you will need to think about the types of plants you are planning to grow and about the size of your garden. This will give you an idea of what size planthouse will suit your needs and fit your garden.

•    Enhances the look of your garden. Like vinehouses, planthouses help to improve the look of your garden and will provide a structure that is not only practical but also stylish. Planthouses help to add beauty to a garden and with materials such as cedar wood and bricks included, you are provided with a planthouse that is not only attractive but also highly beneficial.

A  planthouse is the perfect addition to any garden and will enable those who love gardening to enjoy their hobby all year round. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a structure that can not only accommodate taller plants but also keep their garden looking great.


Alan Jackson

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