The benefits of choosing a Lean-to greenhouse

A lean to greenhouse is the perfect solution for those that require a design that enables them to save space in their garden. Lean to greenhouses offer just enough space to enable you to grow a selection of plants.

Gabriel Ash offers a selection of lean to greenhouses to fit all types of garden. From small lean to designs to larger designs, you are sure to find a structure that compliments your garden perfectly.

One of the main benefits of adding a lean to greenhouse to your garden is that this type of design enables you to save money.
The compact design is much more affordable than a larger, freestanding structure and will be easier and cheaper to maintain.
A lean to greenhouses also provides extra insulation due to it being attached to a wall, which will allow you to cut down on the cost of adding extra heating.  

Another benefit of a lean to greenhouse is that it offers easier access to utilities such as water and electrical points, helping you to cut down on costs. This provides you with plenty of convenience and makes it easier for you to care for your plants. In winter, you can easily access your greenhouse without having to venture into your garden and you can have instant access to any fruit and vegetables that you grow.

A lean to greenhouse provides plants with extra protection. As the structure is attached to a wall, plants are provided with extra shelter and the greenhouse will remain warm during the cooler months, unlike with freestanding designs, which may require extra heating and ventilation.  

As a lean to design offers more space in your garden, you are left with extra space for other items. You can consider adding extra features to your garden such as ornaments, or even a set of cold frames, as these are also suitable for those with less space in their garden.

Although lean to greenhouses offer less space than larger, freestanding designs, you can still grow a variety of plants. A lean to greenhouse is the perfect solution for those that lack space for a larger structure but wish to add something that enables them to fully enjoy their gardening hobby.

Like with freestanding designs, a lean to greenhouse enables you to grow a selection of plants all year round. During summer, you can fill your lean to greenhouse with a selection of exotic plants and during winter, any delicate plants will be sheltered and protected.

Some larger designs of lean to greenhouses may even be suitable for use as a conservatory or summerhouse. In addition to growing a selection of plants, you can consider adding seating and creating an area where you can sit and enjoy your plants and views of your garden.

Whatever your requirements, a lean to greenhouse is sure to suit your needs and garden perfectly. A lean to greenhouse provides plenty of freedom and convenience and the many designs available are sure to add style and elegance to any garden.

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