The age of super skyscrapers starting again

Glass structures will feature in the "new era of mega-tall buildings", the Independent reports.

The Shard London Bridge, also known as the "shard of glass" is set to replace the Southwark Towers in London.

Estimated to be completed in 2011, it will be Britains tallest building.

Currently, the tallest British structure is the 50-floor, 250m high Canary Wharf tower.

However, at "just" 310m tall with 72 floors, it will be one of the smaller structures among the skyscrapers being built around the world.

The Freedom Tower is planned for New York on the site of the World Trade Centre and several other skyscrapers are intended for London.

When completed, the Shard London Bridge will have the highest viewing gallery in Europe, at 243.84m.

As well as offices, its six floors of public space at mid levels will give visitors views of the city which are claimed to parallel those from the top of the London Eye.