The 2013 Hay Festival Round-up

The Telegraph’s annual Hay Festival will be taking place from May 23rd to June 2nd and a number of the UK’s much loved garden journos will be joining in the discussion, focussing on statues, snails and (as to be expected) the weather.

Sir Roy Strong will be appearing on Saturday June 1 at 2.30pm, discussing how his passion for gardening began as a hobby, yet bloomed into a career when he bought The Laskett in 1973. Sir Roy and his designer wife, Dr Julia Trevelyan Oman developed The Laskett Gardens into one of the UK’s best private visitor gardens, which is lined up to become a National Trust site in future years.

Monty Don will be speaking about his travels to France on Sunday June 2 at 1pm. Monty recently filmed Monty Don’s French Gardens  for the BBC, and will be enlightening listeners about the history and background behind famous French gardens –  Versailles, Vaux le Vicomte and Courances. In a further interview with Lucy Boyd on Monday May 27 at 1pm Monty will be exploring growing methods and sharing Lucy’s experiences of growing up with her mother Rose Gray, and how ingredients grown in their garden were turned into culinary masterpieces.

Ruth Brooks, a Devon grandmother will be sharing her experiences of working as an eco-friendly gardener yet having to deal with the perils of snails, offering simple yet effective methods to move snails from your garden, yet still ensuring their safety and livelihood as the quintessential British garden visitor.

There’ll also be appearances from Dave Goulson about his reintroduction of the short-haired bumblebee, Professor Diane Edwards of Cardiff University and Dr Stephanie Dalley of Oxford University offering unique insights to the British garden today.

See here for a full line up of the Hay Festival, one of the most popular arts and literature events in the British calendar:

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