Thanet Earth nears first stage completion

The first three glasshouses of the UKs largest ever glasshouse development are due for completion within months, according to Freshinfo.

The development, on the Isle of Thanet, is called Thanet Earth and the first crops are set to be planted by November.

Thanet Earth managing director Steve McVickers explained there had been a slight change in plans but that the project was still very much on track.

"We expect to be planting at the end of November, which should give us production in the second half of February," he told Freshinfo.

"This is six weeks later than initially planned, but it has been a conscious decision to align our start with our customers’ programmes

"They do a winter programme that starts in October and a spring one that starts in April.

"We won’t make the winter but we will be in time for the spring, and by the start of April we expect to be firing on all cylinders."

The tomato and pepper greenhouses will follow those used for salads and will eventually form the largest greenhouse project ever to exist in Britain.