Thames Garden Bridge is Boris’ Vanity Project

Members of the House of Lords have criticised the Government and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for injecting a total £35million into the proposed Garden Bridge across the Thames between South Bank and Victoria Embankment.

The £150million scheme has seen £4million committed from the Transport for London planning fund, in addition to the £30million funding promised in last year’s autumn statement.

Lord Lloyd of Berwick questioned the wisdom of pledging such a large slice of public funding on the project;

“Why waste £30million of public money on creating the so-called Garden Bridge…There is no real need for another crossing on this part of the Thames, seeing as there are already two pedestrian bridges within half a mile of the proposed bridge.”

Lord Davies of Oldham said;

“It is a very expensive piece of public art, a vanity project for the mayor…”


Image courtesy of The Independent