Target to ditch garden plants venture

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to learn that retail giant Target is reportedly set to close its gardening centres.

The firm owns 262 horticultural outlets across the US and boasts units in 22 of its Inland stores.

However, revealed that the company is set to ditch its entire live plant stock, with Target spokeswoman Jenn Glass revealing that bosses at the enterprise had decided the venture was simply not profitable enough.

She added that the outlets would continue to stock garden and greenhouse equipment such as tools, patio furniture and other items, but would no longer carry plants.

The space taken up by the garden centres will reportedly be used for other merchandise.

In other news, the Northwest Herald has explained how horticulture enthusiasts can save a fortune by taking part in vermiculture, which is otherwise known as worm composting.

The newspaper said that the activity can help boost crop yields, cut water bills and improve soils.