Tameside readies itself for garden inspection

Residents in Tameside are being urged to keep their gardens spick and span in preparation for a secret tour by members of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Members of the organisation will be visiting the area as part of a nationwide tour to establish the winner of its Britain in Bloom competition.

Gardeners keen to have the area recognised will be polishing up greenhouses and trimming lawns to ensure they make the best impression possible on the judges, who could visit at any time between now and May 4th.

A spokesperson for the areas competition bid told the Tameside Advertiser that the competition was not just for gardening enthusiasts: "Just keeping your garden tidy and litter-free and making sure you clean up after your dog will both help our cause, simple things like that.

"In Bloom is all about instilling civic pride in all the boroughs residents."

In last years competition, 15 different towns were presented with gold awards for their efforts while many others were given lesser or more specific accolades.