Taller plants could boost gardens of all sizes

Taller plants could be just as suitable in larger landscapes as they are in smaller gardens, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Santa Maria Times, Joan Bolton highlights that homeowners with limited space in their gardens are turning to vertical plants to slip into any small, rich places on their land.

However, it is noted that the range of colours on offer could also fit in appropriately in larger spaces where they could break up other sequences of plants.

Ms Bolton said: "With yards shrinking in size, vertical plants slip more easily into the remaining, fertile spaces.

"Yet they work equally well in more expansive landscapes, where their erect forms provide punctuation points to softer, billowy plants or low-growing ground covers."

She added that many of these strappy plants are easy to maintain as they require little watering and come in colours ranging from grey, yellow, burgundy and pink.

Grafted plants on stems are just one suggestion that could enable owners of small gardens to make the most of their limited space.