Take care when choosing position of greenhouse or veg patch

Would-be gardeners looking to start growing their own vegetable gardens should begin by having their soil tested and preparing and acquiring the right tools, according to fredricksburg.com.

The website recently published an article advising those who wish to start growing their own food.

It suggested that gardeners position their vegetable plot in a sunny area to soak up as many rays as possible and recommends morning sunlight as the best if forced to choose.

Be sure to place the vegetable patch carefully as sunlight is one of the few things gardeners cant provide for poorly-placed plants.

"Plants need three basic elements: water, nutrients and solar energy," the article reads.

"In gardening, water and nutrients can be added routinely to enhance veggie vigor, but adding sun is not so easily done."

Another way of boosting success could be to build a greenhouse to boost the suns rays and increase crop yield.

Meanwhile the Cranford Gardening Club in New Jersey is set to hand a $1,000 scholarship to a local high school graduate who intends to study a subject that ties in with the clubs objectives.