Supermarkets to Target Gardeners

Industry analysts believe the gardening industry will grow by 15% leading up to 2016. Although garden centres and traditional vendors might feel the benefit, the real growth sector is predicted to be in your local supermarkets.

Waitrose have signed up the talents of Alan Titchmarsh to endorse the company’s gardening range and they now stock sheds in 41 of their 290 supermarkets. Morrison’s have opened 102 small garden centres outside their stores. Even Next are getting in on the act announcing 20 stand alone “Home and Garden” stores.

The £4 billion a year industry is experiencing something of a gold rush, with garden centres set to miss out. Chief Executive of the Garden Centres Association, Iain Wylie, is worried;

“Supermarkets might sell more cd’s than independent record shops, but they only sell the top 40.With plans, there is a danger they will only sell the top 20 plants stocked on price.”

Mr Wylie was also noted a crumb of comfort for traditional retailers;

“They can’t stock the depth or have the knowledgeable people garden centres have. Conversely, it gives garden centres a greater opportunity to sell more varieties and demystify growing.”

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