Summer has arrived

Today (June 1st) marks the official beginning of summer for gardeners, according to the Guardians horticultural section.

A list of tongue-in-cheek signs the season has arrived has been published in the newspapers growers blog.

The inventory begins by poking fun at the unpredictable weather patterns in the UK – suggesting either a hosepipe ban or flash flood warnings can be taken as surefire signs that spring is over.

It adds gardeners will notice their fruit and veg will be growing like wildfire in their plots and greenhouses.

The article adds: "In spite of your best efforts, you still find at least three courgettes of marrow proportions the next time you go a-harvesting."

Growers will probably be so busy that the sun lounger they put out at the first sign of warm weather rarely gets used for more than two minutes, it jokes.

Meanwhile, a recent Halifax study found a high proportion of Brits intend to improve their garden during 2009.