Student food bills soar

A recent study has found that inflation has pushed the average students food bill up by £127 in just once year.

The study, by bank Abbey, found that the average student now spends £24.50 per week on food alone, meaning that parents are needing to struggle even harder in order to help their kids through university.

Abbey banking director Steve Shore commented: "Inflation is eating into student spending power at an incredible rate and for those heading off to university this year the increased cost of basic goods is likely to come as a nasty surprise."

One way of combating the increased cost of food is to grow your own and with molecular biologist and biochemist Dr Laurence J Trueman stating that those who do could be the healthiest around, there are two good reasons to do so.

A garden or a greenhouse are ideal places to grow food, although window boxes, conservatories and allotments are also useful locations.