Stepping stones to paradise

The Daily Telegraphs Elspeth Thomson has been discussing how it has long been the case that gardens are designed in a way that require you to step over a channel of water into an earthly paradise.

She cites her choice of garden, designed by Declan Buckley, in which a pond is used to separate the garden, giving each area its own distinct feel.

"Stretching almost the entire width of the 30 metre by five metre garden, it makes the long narrow plot appear wider, and divides the garden into separate areas with their own distinct character," she writes, describing Mr Buckleys creation.

The idea of stepping stones over the pond into the main body of the garden serves to separate the home from the grounds, making a trip to the bottom of the garden seem like an escape from the pressures of home and work.

Incorporating the same idea with a greenhouse at the bottom of the garden will also make working in the greenhouse seem more pleasurable as it will be separate from the home.