Steer clear of tree roots

When planting, gardening enthusiasts should ensure their blooms are placed in an area free from tree roots, it has been stated.

Kipp Nash makes his comments in online resource dailycamera, noting that roots from a tree can drain the soil of moisture and nutrients, which could affect the growth of other flora.

Trees are not the only competitors that plants can face, as wildlife can also prove hazardous and as such Mr Nash suggests fencing a garden to protect it from animals.

If possible, plants should be grown in a spot with at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day during the growing season.

Finally, he suggests adding organic matter – such as manure or mulch – to soil in order to boost its nutritional value as well as carrying out weeding on a regular basis to prevent the pesky plants from germinating.

Meanwhile, a plant expert recently told the Daily Herald that gardeners should resist the temptation to cover bulbs planted the previous year in copious amounts of fresh mulch.