Stats show UK is a nation of improvers

Homeowners are being forced to rethink plans to move home as soaring interest rates and a stagnant market make buying and selling unfavourable choices.

Many are instead opting to improve their home with a recent Halifax study showing that home improvements have increased by 12 per cent in the last year, with almost six in every ten (58 per cent) UK home owners improving their home in the last year.

These figures are underpinned by a survey taken at the recent Homebuilding and Renovating Show in March, where 44 per cent of visitors described themselves as home improvers.

"We could see the direction the market was taking and wanted to make sure the show reflected this" said show director Nick Noble.

"Our research revealed that 75 per cent of visitors see updating a kitchen or bathroom as the most important project following by 72 per cent interested in extending their property and 62 per cent seeking to convert a loft or basement."

Other home improvement ideas worth considering are adding a modern conservatory or installing a roof light in the loft conversion.