Start small with energy-saving measures

People eager to improve their homes green credentials should begin by carrying out simple eco-friendly tasks before moving onto more complex ventures, according to an expert.

Adam Vaughn, author of smartplanet and the greenguy, explains that small steps such as installing energy-saving light bulbs and turning appliances off instead of just onto standby should be a starting point.

Once the basics are completed, consumers can move onto medium-sized things like cavity insulation in the walls of kitchen extensions and other rooms.

He concludes: "Once you do these things then you can look at the real big ticket things: things like installing renewables so you are starting to generate your own heat and electricity."

In related news, industry commentator Antonia OKeeffe recently wrote in online publication that proper insulation and ventilation have made conservatories into spaces that can be used all year round, which can add value and comfort to a property.