Stale seed beds could tackle weeds

Creating a stale seed bed at the start of the growing season could prove a wise decision for gardeners looking to ensure that their plants have the opportunity to bloom, it has been stated.

The technique used is an organic method of controlling weeds by bringing them to the soil surface before seed is due to be sown.

Writing for Get Reading, James Ashford highlights that this process of digging and raking the soil should be completed approximately six weeks ahead of when an area of ground is required.

He recommends that following this "you leave it alone so that any weed seeds near the surface of soil can germinate".

"When the weeds have germinated, you just hoe them off leaving the top layer of the soil weed free and ready for the plants you want to grow," Mr Ashford explained.

Furthermore, he suggested that covering the stale seed bed with a layer of fleece could prove beneficial when attempting to draw weeds towards the surface.

Other ways of combating weeds on bare soil include combining mulch with a layer of bark chippings and well-rotted manure.