Squash in the greenhouse

Gardeners hoping to grow squash ahead of schedule may be looking to their greenhouses to provide the necessary conditions, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Independent, Cleve West notes that the structures are used by many who are not prepared to wait for the perfect weather to arrive.

"The impatient gardener may already have a range of squash germinating in the greenhouse," he asserts.

"But we have learnt to bide our time and sow our seed towards the end of this month."

Whether germinating those seeds in a greenhouse or outdoors, the article recommends "a good soak" weekly for squash rather than more regular moistening.

The BBC reports that the availability of pumpkins – a relative of the squash – was tightened during Halloween 2007 due to heavy rains during the summer.

However, Fen Farm near Bungay, Suffolk, succeeded in growing a number of pumpkins weighing in at up to 11 stones.