Sprucing up a garden can be done cost-effectively

Greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts may be interested to hear the opinion of one finance expert who has claimed sprucing up an outside space does not have to cost a packet.

According to This is Money’s Kate Palmer, there are five inexpensively simple steps people can take to revamp their garden as well as save money.

Growing tomatoes is the first and easiest stage, she stated, as plants can be picked up for a song and then grown in a windowsill.

After that, it is a great idea to pick up perennial and biennial seeds and plant them now to be harvested next year.

One way many gardeners waste money is by forking out for fertiliser, Ms Palmer continued, as this can be made easily using food scraps and old leaves.

Using waste water from the kitchen and bathroom is better than firing up the hosepipe, the expert added, as it can save money on bills.

Also, it pays to be ethical, as it saves the environment and valuable pounds.

“Save your produce baskets – cherry tomatoes, berries, mushrooms – and use them to plant seedlings,” she suggested.

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