Springtime Slug Invasion

As winter seems to be finally giving way to the first shoots of spring, British gardeners will faced a new challenge – dealing with the onslaught of slugs in their garden.

As the weather warms up and the traditional April showers take place, the pesky molluscs will be targeting your vegetables and flower beds.

Guy Barter of the Royal Horticultural Society said:

“Slugs wander around on a trail of slime and can’t stand dryness. It rained last April, and carried on raining throughout their breeding time. There were so many slugs, an unnatural number will have survived.”

Mr Barter recommends watering your plants with nematodes – microscopic worms that infect the slugs with bacteria. The nematodes are friendly to other forms of wildlife, and produce their best results when sprinkled onto moist soil in the evening. They are available at most garden centres and by mail order.

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