Spring time to sow

As spring begins, gardening enthusiasts should begin to gather supplies for starting of their seeds, a reporter has asserted.

Writing in her column in online resource Wicked Local, Suzanna Mahler states that among the products horticulturalists should make sure they have are spray bottles, liquid-soluble fertiliser and containers.

She adds that a heating mat may also be a prudent purchase for seeds which require higher temperatures to germinate.

Gardens which lack exposure to the sun could also benefit from sodium lights or a fluorescent light fitting to give flora an additional boost to aid growth.

Concluding, Ms Mahler explains that pots that are two to three inches in depth are ideal for seed starting, adding that drainage holes are "essential".

Meanwhile, reporter Valerie Easton recently told the Seattle Times that people eager to move established plants to other areas of their garden should do so while the weather remains cool and the ground is still damp.