Spring flora is sprung

As March begins and the weather starts to warm up, the National Trust has highlighted a number of varieties of flora that are soon to feature in gardens across the UK.

Daffodils, and primroses are among the flowers that can be expected to be seen in both woodland and gardens, while violets, lesset celandine and butterbur – or wood anemone – can also be spotted.

For those who wish to take in some culture with their horticulture, the charity explains that snowdrops can be found at a number of its sites across the UK, including the 17th-century mansion of Dudmaston near Bridgnorth in Shropshire and Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.

The BBC explains that snowdrops – or Galanthus nivalis – look best in a naturalised situation in a small amount of shade, explaining that there are more than 100 species of the flower, with variations appearing on the green markings on the petals.